All these types of shades are water resistant and require low maintenance. Some awnings have polycarbonate solid sheet and aluminium alloy having the features of UV protection. These shades are made of superior quality of fabric and raw material with high quality frames and covers. Fabric covers are available in acrylic canvas, polyester and vinyl material. The folding arms have the feature to open and close at the choice of the user. Some awnings have a smooth and self-cleaning finish that does not allow the dust, grease, dirt or oil to stay for long. In general, they are placed above the windows, exterior doors, along a pathway and in the patio area.
 The cleaning is a piece of cake. wihth a splash of water, all dirts are eroded away. Some features like permanent fix, high quality fabric, fade resistant, water proof, fire retardant and UV protection are preferred characteristics for the potential customer. Awnings are mostly seen outside windows of homes, commercial buildings and in restaurants. Some restaurants having Spring coiling machine outdoor seating arrangement opt for umbrella awnings and gazebo awnings.   The aluminium awnings have aluminium posts and framework to give strength and better support. The harmful rays are reflected back and do not enter the These shades are great in providing shelter from sunlight, wind, dust, snow and These have tension arms and roller bars that help to spread the load to the wall. Retractable awnings have expandable and retractable fabric frames that can be folded during colder .
They are affordable and temporary solution to people who need shade during outdoor activities. Manual awnings that work manually and automatic or motorized awnings that work by remote controls or a keypad are the two Various awnings are the aluminium awnings, retractable awnings, lateral arm awnings, drop arm awnings, portable awnings and solar shields or , known as window overhang that acts as a covering, is usually attached to the building structure without any supportive poles or posts fixed to the ground. The frame spreads and folds up compactly which makes it easier to set up the awning. The shades are easy to install and maintain. The portable awnings are beneficial during social events and occasion.fashionline. The frames consist of aluminium, iron, wood and other hard material like steel. Lateral arm awnings are also called as patio awnings.